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I retract all of my objections voiced in my previous response.  The attorney you recommended is wonderful.  She is very knowledgeable, extremely proficient, and has earned my thanks and respect regardless of how my case turns out.  She even coached me on my demeanor while in court to help me present a more favorable image after she kind of put me in my place when my intensity got a little elevated in her office.  I would recommend her without reservations and now consider your fee as money well spent.  Thank you. 

-- from Jim V.

I wish I had had this service a year ago when I needed a divorce lawyer. Taking the quess work out of finding the right person for the job would also have taken a lot of the stress away. Great idea

--from Heather

I also took the opportunity to read your blog and find out a little more about this innovative and helpful tool you have created. I have first-hand experience with the problem you are trying to solve here. I also have close friends who would have benefited greatly from your service, had it been available during their time of need. Luckily, it will be available for all the future people in need of a compatible attorney and will help in lessening the stress of finding one themselves.

--from S.A. 

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Yes, this was a high quality referral, I'm very pleased with the screening process. 

If only he had been more interested personally in this rather unique case it might have worked out, he was well qualified and the subject matter was well aligned with his practice area and professional interests.  But I do feel you did a very good job in finding a first-rate referral. Thank you.

-- from Rob C.

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