Q. Why shouldn't I just use the lawyer my (sister, friend, bar stool buddy) already hired?

A. If you know someone who was happy with their lawyer's services, and you want to act as your own lawyer finder (hint - Advantage Denton is better at lawyer finding and less expensive than finding for yourself) getting a referral from someone who was happy with their lawyer's services is often the best way to find your own lawyer.

Do be aware that the right lawyer for another person might not be the right lawyer for you, especially if the other person's case was a different type of law.

Advantage Denton lawyer finders always ask what you want and need, so tell them about the recommendations you got, and we will check the lawyer out, comparing them to other possibly right lawyers and setting up your 30 minute consultation (all for $99).


Q.  Isn't there a lawyer's ethical rule against referring clients for a fee?

A.  Referral fees are mostly illegal. A lawyer can not pay another person any money for referring a client to them unless that other person is a lawyer and takes responsibility for the case or participates in representation (most states). Most states changed the rule with regard to bar sponsored lawyer referral services (LRS) in the last decade or so. They can and mostly do now take a percentage (10 or 15% mostly) of fees generated by the lawyer from clients referred by the LRS. Some LRS will institute a policy of taking that percentage of all fees earned by a lawyer from a LRS referred client on any work done for the client over the three years following the referral. The LRS also charges lawyers a fee to sign up to be listed and most of them have non-discrimination clauses which say they have to give the next name off the list without regard to gender/race/age/etc. Most LRS require attorneys to sign an agreement that they won't raise rates on clients referred by the LRS. They also often have rules about which lawyers are allowed to sign up for various areas of law.

Advantage Denton does not charge lawyers anything for sending them a referral. We are acting as "head hunters" to find and research the background of the right lawyer and set the appointment. The only thing the lawyer contributes is a half hour of time and advice given to the client. Everybody wins.


Q. What if I had found the lawyer for myself and the lawyer would have given me a 30 minute interview for free even without Advantage Denton?

A.  It is true that some areas of law (like personal injury law and social security disability law) have lots of lawyers who don't charge a fee for the intitial interview. Even in other areas of law, some lawyers in some places don't charge for the initial interview. The first interview with the right lawyer is extremely valuable to you. Your first opportunity to learn crucial information about your rights and choices can make a huge difference in your life. Wrong information can lead to much poorer results in your life. Since this interview can be the most valuable time you ever spend with an attorney, it is a much greater value when you spend the time getting advice from the right attorney. Advantage Denton's lawyer finding services (we humbly mention) are still very much worth the $99 fee. You don't want a "free" interview that is worth less than you paid for it. Finding the right lawyer to fit your needs and the background screening that Advantage Denton performs makes you much more secure in your choice of lawyer. We help you get the right advice from the right lawyer, not just the cheapest option available. 


Q.  What if the right lawyer refuses to agree to Advantage Denton asking for me to get the 30 minute interview for free?

A.  So far, this has not happened because attorneys are smart enough to instantly recognize the great value of accepting clients from Advantage Denton. A lawyer who refuses to give the 30 minute interview is a lawyer who is too busy to take on a new client and they are not the right lawyer. If some very rare type of case would be a good fit for only one lawyer and that lawyer will not agree to provide the 30 minutes of advice for free, Advantage Denton will share this information with the client and the client might choose to pay for the lawyer's time during that 30 minutes. This is unlikely to ever happen because attorneys have immediately recognized the great value in receiving a pre-screened client who paid $99. Advantage Denton clients put their money where their mouth is and recognize the value of legal services. You are a very good client for the right lawyer.

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