Keeping the Cow Promise

Keeping the "Cow Promise" means that clients who have a consultationwith a right lawyer found by Advantage Denton have made the "CowPromise" that they will answer our easy, three question survey within 24 hours of the interview.  

After the interview, Advantage Denton cares (and the right lawyer cares) what you think about the lawyer.  Answering this survey is important because it is your chance for your opinion to have an impact, for you to have your say.  Also, the Cow Promise is important because will eventually include a directory of right lawyers.  Theonly way a lawyer will qualify to be included in this searchable listingis by being a right lawyer originally found by our lawyer finders and tohave good client reviews on file with us. We care about your opinion.  The right lawyer cares about your opinion.

Writing more information after your three simple  survey answers is completely optional - but we do love to know your opinions and use your ideas!  Right lawyers love feedback, too, so we will share your answers with them (unlessyou tell us not to).